Photography: Key Things You Need To Learn!


For many of us taking great photographs isn’t quite as simple as it looks.  More often than not, when compared to photos shot by professional photographers, our best efforts only produce “mediocre” results.  Regardless of how much money we spend on camera equipment or the brand of equipment we decide to use we likely see little differences in the quality of our photos.  What can the average person do to create professional looking photos?

First, let’s put things in perspective.  Remember that professional photographers often spend years studying photography, and most of them have taken tens of thousands of photos in an effort to hone their skills.  Like the rest of us they too have taken their share of poor and “mediocre” photos.  However, over time they learned how to create outstanding images.  Now let’s change our focus.  You too can learn to take fantastic photographs, and it doesn’t need to take years for you to learn how.”

In order to create a fantastic photograph several things must happen within a short time frame.  For example, the lens needs to be aimed properly at the subject and held steady, the background, foreground, and mid-ground elements need to be evaluated, the camera’s exposure settings need to be correctly set, the depth-of-field needs to be selected, etc., etc., etc.  Then, the camera’s shutter release must be depressed at just the right moment. 

These actions are all important.  Unfortunately, these are the elements of photography you’re already focusing your attention on.  That’s the problem!  Most amateur and hobby photographers place too little emphasis on three things: knowledge of their camera, knowledge of how their exposure settings (ISO, shutter speed, and aperture) interact, and knowledge of lighting.  In my next post I’ll discuss how and why these three factors affect your photographs.

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