"Bird Watcher"


The composite image (top) was created from three different photos (below).  The first layer in the composite image started as a macro photo of a small patch of tall grass found at a local park.  The photo was taken at sunrise with a 90mm f2.8 macro lens placed 12 inches away from the grass.  The sun was rising directly behind the camera during the shot.  As a result, the bright sunlight made the background appear very foggy which, in turn, gave me the idea for this composite image.  My idea was to create the illusion of a tiger looming nearby in the morning fog watching a small bird sitting in the grass.   

The photo of the bird in the composite image was taken mid-morning in bright sunlight.  The photo was shot with a 210mm f/6.3 lens while the bird was sunning itself at the top of a tree.  The final photo used to make the composite image was of a Bengal Tiger taken at the zoo.  A 210mm f/6.3 lens was also used to capture the photo of the tiger.  

The photos were each opened with Adobe Photoshop CC.  The compositing process involved creating separate layer masks within each Photoshop document in order to non-destructively eliminate element within the photos that weren't needed for the composite  image.  Then, the visible images within the masked layers were copied into a new Photoshop document.  This new document contained all the images needed for the final composite.    

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