"Triptych" Composite Image


The final image (top) is a composite created from the four photos below it.  All color adjustments and initial photo editing was performed in Photoshop.  Afterwards, a new 8"x10," Photoshop document was created, and each of the four photos was copied into it.  This created a single photoshop file consisting of four separate image layers including, the background clouds, and three different aircraft-moon images.  

The backgrounds from the three aircraft-moon images, within the new Photoshop document, were erased.  Only a 2"x2" section of the aircraft-moon image remained within each layer.  Each of the aircraft images were then  rotated using the free transform command.  The rotated images were then merged together to create a single image layer.  The images were then spaced out across the page.  Next, the background layer was merged together with the final aircraft-moon image layer.

The final step was to frame the image into three individuals framed sections (aka, a Triptych).  To create the Triptych I downloaded, installed, and ran a sample preset file from gavinhoey.com.  This preset created by photographer/trainer/blogger Gavin Hoey is a set of instructions for Photoshop.  When run the preset creates the triptych layout and copies your image file into it.    

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